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Sunday, November 18, 2012



This is a Dua by Mishary Rashid Al-Efasy for the people in Gaza.

Allah is sufficient for us.
He is the best disposer of affairs
Oh magnificent, oh honored one
Save the Muslims of Gaza

Oh Allah!!!

Oh Allah, be for them a guardian and helper
Our Lord, strong are those who are near to you
Glorious is your praise
And sanctified are your names

Oh Allah no one can abolish your command
And no one can defeat your army
Praise and glory to you

Oh Allah to you the Jews are evil doers
Oh Allah revealer of the book
Mover of the clouds
Defeater of the armies
Crush them down and shatter them

Oh Allah show us in them signs of your might
Murderers of the messengers and prophets
Tyrants of the innocents

Oh Allah free the Muslims of Gaza
Oh magnificent, oh honored one

Oh Allah loose their chains
Heal their sickness
And uncover their torture
Oh Allah replace their fear with safety
Oh magnificent, oh honored one

Oh Allah strengthen Islam and the muslimeen
Lower and shirk and mushrikeen
Destroy the enemies of the religion
And protect the territories of Islam
And unite the word of the Muslims in truth,
oh lord of the worlds

Oh Allah saves the weak and powerless
of the muslimeen everywhere
Oh Allah improve the situation
of the muslimeen in Palestine,

Iraq Afghanistan and everywhere

Oh Allah bring together their hearts
Guide them on the paths of pace
And lead them from darkness into light,
Oh magnificent,

oh honored one

We already know what's happening in Gaza night.
Bombs, weapons, explosions, death, injured people.
Kids are killed. Even BABIES.
We sleep peacefully during nights but people in Gaza,

they have gone through many sleepless nights, living in fear. 
Pray for the children and young people,

asking that all their fears will be calmed.
Pray for the women, asking that there be food,
water and medicine to care for their families.
Pray for the men to learn the power of nonviolence.
Pray for those who are mourning for lost loved ones,
and for God’s comfort to them.
We know, we can't do anything,
except for continuously praying for them.
May Allah save them from the ruthlessness of the Zionis.
May Allah bless the soul of the dead. Amin. 

inii saya amek dalam twitter :

Yahudi sering membunuh kanak-kanak di Palestin
kerana mereka sangat takut akan kanak-kanak
Palestin yang berjaya menghafal 30 juzuk Al-Quran
alaaa.ape mereka nk susah. baguss ape hafal Quran.kan2
kalau takut hafal laa jugak :D

Guys, let us spend a little of our time to #PrayForGaza.
Remember, Muslims' greatest weapon, is the DO'A :')

Ya Allah, selamatkanlah mereka di Gaza.
kami di sini tdk sanggup melihat keadaan mereka di sana.
ya Allah, berikanlah kekuatan kepada mereka :)


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